The WB-Sails crew

Your sails are designed, cut and sewn by our 15 sailmaking professionals with a combined racing and cruising experience of 300 years!

Mikko Brummer
General manager, design & development.
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Mikko-Brummer    Otso Brummer
Chief designer, design & customer service. 
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Otso Brummer 
Mika von Svetlick
Sales manager, sales & customer service. 
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Mika Svetlik    Joackim Wilenius
Senior designer 
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Joackim Wilenius 
John Winqvist
Sails consultant, sales & customer service. 
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John Winqvist     Pelle Kindberg
One-Design sail manager, customer service. 
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Pelle Kinberg 
Bruno Brummer
Service manager, repairs & service. 
Email: [email protected] 
describe the image    Tiina Palin-Brummer
customer service.  
Email: [email protected] 
describe the image