Finn dinghy sails

WB-Sails was the first to develop a whole new Finn sail concept based around the MAXX fabric by Contender. MAXX makes a very smooth and adjustable sail. It has proven to be versatile and easy to use in all kinds of winds, and longer lasting than the radial designs.


Jorge Zarif wins the Miami World Cup with NEO: "I was flying upwind, congratulations. The sail is very good." 
Image courtesy Pedro Martinez/Sailing Energy

Our Finn sail models - NEO, new for 2017

We introduce a new model for 2017, the NEO: Neo is the new Classic, complementing our light wind sail RIO, for the Olympic level sailors. NEO has been extensively tested during the spring & summer, and was used by some sailors in Rio already. We will continue to make the Classic, of course, for those who want exactly the same sail as before. But in the long run, we anticipate NEO will replace Classic.

  1. Classic: A powerful sail for light & medium winds, for world class & olympic sailors. Often completed with the BMARK or Panther for heavier winds, but used in all winds by many strong & experienced sailors. Always cut in the golden yellow, all Aramid MAXX.
  2. Tiger: An easier to hang down, all purpose sail, very popular amongst masters. More open leech, a less physical sail than the Classic.
  3. BMARK: A slightly flatter version of the Classic sail, preferred by smaller world class & olympic sailors weighing around 90 kg. Many use it also as a hard wind sail to complement the Classic.
  4. Panther: A heavy air version of Tiger, in all black MAXX with a 1,5 mil film. Often the second sail choice for masters, extremely robust and long lasting.
  5. RIO: A light wind sail designed and tested in the 2016 Olympic waters. Super light yellow Maxx material, weighs 25% less than a Classic or Tiger.

  6. NEO: A powerful all-purpose sail, for world class & olympic sailors. Often completed with our light wind sail RIO. Shapewise, the NEO is a bit rounder in the upper leech than the Classic, a liitle flatter in the md section, with a more elliptical profile. Used with soft battens in light winds, the leech can get very rounded, but will be straightened up with stiffer battens in a breeze.

    Pls. note that we are constantly developing our sails, and there may be small variations without notice in the models above . 
All our sails are designed and manufactured in Finland, to your exact mast numbers, weight & hiking ability. Every luff curve is shaped individually according to our computer model, we have no "standard" option.

Price list

Finn sail prices 1.3.2017

1 580 € incl. VAT, within EU
1 275 € ex. VAT outside EU

Ex. works in Helsinki. Pls. add 50 € for shipping by priority post
within EU. 
The terms are payment by bank transfer or credit card prior to shipping, the delivery time is usually less than 3 weeks, often less than 2 weeks.

To order, please fill in the Finn order form.

Studies about the Finn

Simulating sail forces when free pumping. You can read the related article here

A look at the Finn under the water: A study about the Finn hydrodynamics at the page.

The scientific Finn: Although outdated, this article from 1995 describes our approach to sail development (will open in a new window).

Finn sail and mast dynamics: A look at the dynamics of the Finn rig - published in Finn Fare April 2012.