Snipe sails

Our Snipe sails feature an all radial mainsail and a radial/horizontal jib. The designs, originally developed in co-operation with Bart Bomans from Belgium, have been recently updated.

Due to the radial design, the mainsail cloth can be very light but the sail will maintain it's shape well even in heavy airs, and will last longer than a horizontal design.

The jib is available in two flavours: Light-medium (LM)  and medium-heavy (MH). The medium-heavy has a little more luff curve than the LM. Both are cut in the same fabric, in compliance with the 2013 cloth weight rule.


Price list

Snipe pricelist 1.10.2015

incl. VAT, within EU
Mainsail 890 €, Jib LM 520 €, Jib MH 540 €

ex. VAT outside EU
Mainsail 720 €, Jib LM 420 €, Jib MH 435 €

All prices ex. works in Helsinki. Pls. add about 50€ for shipping within EU.