Sails for ocean cruising

If you plan to sail across the Atlantic or around the world, you need sails designed and conceived for ocean passages. This means more robust engineering and no compromises in materials or implementation – in the middle of the ocean, sail repair shops are sparse and your diesel supply will not get you far should something occur. Also, there is no place to seek shelter in bad weather.

We have designed, engineered and cut sails for maxi boats racing around the world and for solo race skippers such as Harry Harkimo, Halvard Mabire or Eric Tabarly. The most famous Finnish circumnavigator Pertti Duncker's trip took 6 years and he came back home safely with the original sails intact.

We've also made the sails for many sailing ships, such as the schooners Helena, Linden or Joanna Saturna.

For sails for cruising the oceans, look at our High-Tech Cruising line. If your boat is bigger, see our Racing line sails in Dyneema or membranes with taffeta.


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