Sails for offshore cruising

WB-Sails for offshore cruising are meant for sailing in more open waters, such as the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea. They are engineered to endure severe weather and overnight sailing for week long journeys. Their seams are wider, with more stitches, reinforcements and reefs are more generous and fabrics a little overweight, all for durability and a little extra safety margin.

Sails for offshore cruising are usually at least partially radially cut to better withstand abuse. In radial designs the seams carry very little load and are less prone to ripping even if let flogging. That said, never allow your sails flog in the wind for an extended period of time – every sail ends up ripping when let flogging. It's also worth noticing that nothing ages the sail faster than flogging.

For sails for offshore cruising, look at our High-Tech Cruising line. If your boat is bigger, take a look at our Racing line sails in Dyneema.


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