Racing sails make our heart sing

When we started making sails in mid 70's, we concentrated on racing sails only. Even though quality cruising sails have formed the core of our production for a long time already, it's the racing sails that make our heart sing. Racing with nice boats is our driving force!

Investments in R&D have raised us to be one of the top players in the racing with Olympic medals, World Championships and Offshore Race Classics victories as a proof. Since 1976, we has been involved in every Olympics - only one sailmaker in the world can say the same.

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Why would you buy WB-Sails for racing?

Because we want to give you 100% support in your quest for better racing results. Racing sailors ranging from Olympic medalists to club racers have used our know how to get that extra 0.1 knot of speed – often a difference between winning and losing.