Big boat sails when size matters

On the left you will find a list of boat types we regularly cut sails for. The list is by no means comprehensive, there are many, many more. Listed boats are almost one design, in the sence that we cut and develop for them on a constant basis. Please contact us and we will give you a quote for your specific boat type.

Even if our roots are in racing dinghies, we also make custom sails for all kinds of bigger boats – such as large cruisers, maxis and sailing ships – both for racing and cruising. For example, we designed and made the sails for two Whitbread Maxis in the '89-90 Round the World Race, Belmont Finland II and Martela O.F., not to mention Ludde Ingvall's Fastnet Race winning Nicorette in the 1990's.

We've also made the sails for many sailing ships, such as the schooners Helena, Linden or Joanna Saturna.

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Grand Mistral 80 Nicorette in Solent waters