X-35 sails

X 35 WB sails2

Our X-35 sails feature Dimension D4 membranes in Carbon fiber-Kevlar, for top performance and reasonable durability.

The all-purpose mainsail is equipped with one reef. It has enough luff curve to allow for backstay tension as the wind builds up, but not too much to prevent depowering in a stiff breeze.

There are two full-size jibs: Light-medium (LM) for less than 18 kn apparent, medium-heavy (MH) for up to 28 kn apparent wind. The HW jib is smaller in area and conforms with the ORC heavy weather jib regulations.

We offer three spinnakers in standard. The VMG is optimized for light airs and windward-leeward courses, cut in Contender Superkote/Superlite Nylon. It is slightly narrower in the head and a little smaller than maximum area. The all-purpose spinnaker (AP) features an elliptical cross section in the top part, projecting the wide shoulders. It is max. area for the rule and suits best for running in medium to heavy winds. The reacher (RC) is smallest in area, has a small head angle & narrow shoulders, best for heavy air reaching and running in over 30 kn of wind.

Our unique DynaSim software was used in the development of the all the spinnakers.

All sails are in accordance with the X-35 OD-rules and come measured with the class stickers.

X 35 WB sails3