470 sails – nobody knows more about them

WB-Sails has been developing 470 sails ever since 1976 when Mikko Brummer first competed with his own sails in the Montreal Olympics. During the years, the rivalry has been against  the biggest international brands such as North, Ullman or Toni Tio. At the end of the day, WB-Sails have been the preferred choice of many generations of Finnish Olympic sailors, competing with success in international regattas and championships.


The 470 has been a floating test laboratory for WB-Sails during more than two decades. Wind tunnel testing, MastCam video footage, aerodynamic simulation, VPP performance analysis and boat-to-boat testing have all helped us to gain understanding about sail shape, rig trim and boat performance, allowing us to refine the sails to near perfection. 

ShapePlot allows us to analyze mast head video footage in the computer frame by frame. The World champion mainsail of Petri Leskinen & Kristian Heinilä in light trapeze wind (click for enlargement 118K)

470sails WB Sails

Price list

470 pricelist 1.10.2016

incl. VAT, within EU
Mainsail, Radial/horisontal , 1 190 €

Jib Radial/horisontal,620 €

Spinnaker Horisontal, 845 €

ex. VAT outside EU
Mainsail Radial/horisontal, 960 €

Jib Radial/horisontal ,500 €

Spinnaker Horisontal , 680 €

All prices ex. works in Helsinki. Pls. add about 80 € for shipping within EU.