Europe dinghy sails

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Sylvain Notonier, one of the most successful Europe sailors last years, winning for instance Kiel Week in 2011 and -12, and placing 2nd in the 2012 Worlds.

We have updated line of sails for E-dinghy. The new designs are directly based on the experiences gained during our Olympic Finn development work for London 2012. We currently have six different sails to accommodate the large range of Europe-sailors, from the one coming from the Optimist to the dedicated senior:

  • E-XXS is "smallest" sail, for the light weight beginner coming from the Opti. Weight range 50 to 55 kg
  • E-XS is also a sail for a young and unexperienced sailor, weight range 52 to 60 kg
  • E-S is a mid-range sail, for sailor weights from 58 to 63 kg
  • E-M is the upper mid-range sail, for sailor weights from 62 to 67 kg
  • E-L is the full grown, heavy weight sail, for sailors from 65 kg and more
  • E-XL is a long leech, heavy weight sail, for very experienced sailors from 67 kg and up.

Remember that your weight is not the only criteria in the choice of the sail: The mast stiffness, your experience and even the winds in your area all influence the choice. Always feel free to ask our opinion about the sail that would best suit you.

All models are "short leech" except the E-XL, which has a longer leech (the L and XL are identical, but for the leech length). The longer leech is heavier and more demanding to sail, especially in waves, than the short leech models.

If you consider two sails, one for lighter winds and another for heavier winds, the best way to choose is to hop over one wight range. If for instance, your best light wind sail would be the E-M, you want to choose the E-XS for as your heavy wind sail. If your budget only allows one sail, then you would pick the E-S.

Two sails is especially useful when you are small: At under 65 kg, you don't really have a chance in heavy air against 70 kg sailors. You still want a full sail in light winds and can be super fast with it, but to be able to sail reasonably in heavy winds, you need a much flatter sail, hence two numbers smaller than your optimal, light wind sail. 

The models above are only for the "mold shape" of the sail. Every individual sail's luff curve is still adjusted for the mast bending and your weight.

EuropeRD sails

Simulating airflow around the Europe sail in the computer.


Windtunnel testing: the model hangs upside down from the roof of the windtunnel.

Price list

Europe sail prices 01.01.2018

1150 € incl. VAT within EU
930 € ex. VAT outside EU

Ex. works in Helsinki. Pls. add 50€ for shipping by priority post. 

To order, please fill in the Europe dinghy order form.