Optimist dinghy sails

Our Optimist sail is Laser cut in the Contender 2,8 oz Polykote and Dimension 140 cloth. It features a carefully engineered bolt rope and luff tabling in Kevlar/Dyneema. In the Optimist, the head of the sail acts as an extension of the mast: a stretchy head luff equals to a soft mast top in a normally rigged sail.

We make 3 models for different weight ranges:

- S for under 35 kilos,
- M for 35-45 kilos
- L for over 45 kilos.

The sail is delivered with a long bag, sail numbers & battens. All models are available in a radial design as well as the classic cross-cut design.


Flow simulation research around the Opti-sail (will open in a new window).


Price 1.10.2018, including Finnish VAT 24% 

510 euro

Including sail numbering, battens, royalty fee & measurement, but without shipping.

Delivery time is usually 3 weeks from order.