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DN sails

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Our DN ice yacht sail designs have evolved in the supervision of the Estonian DN World Champion Tiit Haagma to FOUR standard models:

Clear Ice - Ultra

A special high top end speed sail for those perfect conditions we so rarely get. This sail excels on long race courses, perfect ice and strong wind.

Clear Ice

The cornerstone model together with our Medium model. This sail has a proven and excellent racing record. Always fast and with its wide wind- and ice range this sail is often a safe bet.


This sail is the fuller of our two cornerstone models. With the sails wide optimum wind- and ice range you will almost certainly measure in this sail for your Championship two sail program.

Snow Master 

The fullest of our models is useful for heavy sailors in difficult conditions. When heavy snow falls on the ice this sail might be the right chose for you. Like all full sails this model has a limited top speed potential, but you will love it on tricky down wind legs.

Ice Yachts Sails WB

The DN can sail at more than 40 kn in 10 kn of true wind, or four times at the wind speed. For more on performance see Putting numbers on iceboat sailing.



Call our DN experts for details and recommendation on models best suited for you.

Helsinki: John Winquist +358 9 621 5055, john(a)wb-sails.fi

Tallin: Tiit Haagma +3725 260 939, Info(a)htsails.ee

Haapsalu: Joonas Kiisler  +372 5665 4874, info(a)nautiske.ee

Olsztyn:Jarek Radzki +48 505182321, biuro(a)jarcar.olsztyn.pl

Wendeburg: Jost Kolb +49 53033684, jost.kolb(a)online.de