Dragon sails

WB-Sails has overtaken the 25 boat Dragon market in Finland during the last few years, in competition with the biggest brands in sailmaking. The analytical design methods, including MastCam video and computer simulation, have been of great help. The best Dragon sailors have also contributed and of course Chris Winter, working in the loft and actively racing Dragons has brought his share of necessary class expertise.

We have two mainsails: the crosscut AP being the all-purpose sail, and a radial/horisontal cut heavy main for winds over 25 kn.


Genoas come in three different shapes: The light/medium sail is the most versatile, especially in areas where winds are generally lighter (like in Finland), the medium/heavy is better when it starts to get windy, and finally the extra heavy genoa is smaller in area (minimum dimensions for the rule) - a special sail for those days when it really blows.

Of the two spinnakers, the VMG model is finer in the head, suiting itself for race courses that include reaching and generally in flat water, the Runner being fuller and easier to keep in choppy waters and running dead downwind.

Simulating Dragons on the run

WB-Sails has used their Dragon model for studying interaction between boats on the race course. One boat overtaking another (blue spinnaker overtaking the red), is simulated in the computer. View in YouTube for more.



Prices 01.09.2020 in Helsinki, incl. VAT

Mainsail AP Horizontal, 2 190 €

Mainsail Heavy Radial/horizontal, 2 260 €

Genoa GL-M Radial, 1 770 €

Genoa GM-H Radial, 1 790 €

Genoa GX-H Horizontal,1 750 €

Spinnaker AP Radial-butterfly, 1 850 €

Extra set of battens, 95 €

Large storage bag, 190 €


Price ex. VAT outside EU

Mainsail AP Horizontal, 1 770 €

Mainsail Heavy Radial/horizontal, 1 820 €

Genoa GL-M Radial, 1 430 €

Genoa GM-H Radial, 1 445 €

Genoa GX-H Horizontal,1 410 €

Spinnaker AP Radial-butterfly, 1 490 €

Extra set of battens, 77 €

Large storage bag, 155 €

All prices ex. works in Helsinki.

Prices include sail numbers, battens and long bags, IDA label (77€) and measurement fee (33€). Shipping cost will be added.