Folkboat sails

In Finland, Folkboats race with the spinnaker and in general in lesser wind than for instance on the west coast of Sweden, or in Denmark. Thus our design is typed for light to medium winds: more shape in the seams, less luff curve in the mainsail, and less sag for the jib luff. Ask for a heavy jib for winds over 8 m/s. The FullRadial cut spinnaker is versatile and easy to fly.

WB-Sails first introduced the Radial Cut, now commonplace in all one-design classes.

folkboat sails WB


Sail pricelist 09-2019 incl. VAT 24%

Mainsail 1 650 €

Jib 1 120 €

Spinnaker 1 240 €

Price ex. VAT outside EU

Mainsail 1 330 €

Jib 900 €

Spinnaker 1000 €

All prices ex. works in Helsinki.
Shipping cost will be added.