DynaSim is our unique design tool which allows the designer to simulate the effects of wind pressure and different trim adjustments, to explore changes in the flying shape of the sail.

DynaSim features physical simulation allowing for:

  • cloth stretch properties
  • wind pressure
  • gravity
  • inertial forces
Typical sailcloth properties:
  • considerable tensile strength for its weight
  • very small bending stiffness
  • almost inexisting compression stiffness - results in buckling & wrinkles
You can read more about DynaSim in our archive.

Ease the main outhaul and sheet.

Trimming the spinnaker - adjusting the pole height.

Tighten the main cunningham.

Collapsing the spinnaker on a reach.

Ripping the Dragon spinnaker. The simulation was done by leaving some seams in the model "unsewn" - wind pressure then pushes the panel open.