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Sten Mohr's views on XINI Freedom's sails

Posted by Nora Tunkelo on Mon, Jan 29, 2018@ 11:15 AM
2017 ORCi European Champion Xini Freedom had new WB sails for the season. Read below what Xini's tactician Sten Mohr thought about them and he shares here some other points on sails in such a project as well. Sten is a professional sailor, who is one of the best matchracing sailors in the world and an experienced America's Cup helmsman (BMW Oracle), and a multiple World Champion in several classes. Interview by Nora Tunkelo.
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Pic: Sailpix / Erik Lähteenmäki
Question: What are the points you normally like to discuss with your sailmaker when purchasing new sails?
Answer (Sten Mohr): Price, delivery time, rig tune, and shape targets (purpose).
Q: In your opinion, what is the role of the sails in winning the ORCi European Championship?
A: I think the mainsail ended up being really nice, and having the "full size" heavy (2,5) was really good.
Q: How would you describe the new WB sails used during the summer in Xini Freedom (Main, Jib 1, Jib 2,5, light spinnaker)?
A: The 2,5 was really usefull due to the weather conditions. 
Q: You have sailed a lot of different sails, were there any specific things that stood out with XINI’s sails?
A: Not really the sails as such, but more the active participation by the sail maker. And having a strong sail co-ordinator on the team with a good relationship with sailmaker.
Q: In your opinion, what type of sail inventory should a team have, if the aim is winning the ORCi Worlds or Europeans?
A: Sails that fits the expected forecast and seastate. Holland will likely be different from Poland. It may be necessary to make new sails for the purpose.
It is necessary to understand of A sails will be needed as in the Worlds in Italy (very light breeze), or 10-15 knots where S sails will work fine.
Q: From a performance perspective,  which sails do you feel are the most important ones in a project like this one? 
A: The mid range sails are most important. A new number jib 2 and S2 are always very nice to have. Rarely use of  the super light sails and heavy sails.
A stay sail is "free" and important in certain conditions.
Q: How often do you typically renew the sails in top projects like the ones you are used to sail in? (How long do sails last in your opinion, what can you get away with and what is definitely too old :) ?)
A: On other projects we change 4-5 sails per year. That also depends on the class rules. But typically if other teams are doing it, you also need to do it.
The J2 and S2 should be replace every year. Mains can typically do 5-6 events, and I have won the worlds a few times with 3-4 year old J3s. Then you use the J2 uprange, and can replace this more often.
Thanks Sten for sharing your views with us! 

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