High Tech cruising sails

Hightech cruising WB Sails

The base of our High-Tech Cruising -line is a full-batten mainsail and a roller-furling genoa both made of Radial Wide Dacron cloth. In boats over 40 feet we also use stronger taffeta Mylar cloth, which is soft but tough. By using a radial panel layout the number of horizontal seams is brought down to only two, which considerably reduces the risk of breakage. The horizontal seams are prone to wear and tear and most breakage start from a worn seam. A radial cut sail retains Its designed shape on a wide wind range. The sail requires less trimming and the boat heels less because the flow remains in the front of the sail as designed.

The performance of a reefed furling genoa is increased by a foam padding sewn into the luff of the sail, flattening out the sail and keeping the luff from wrinkling while reefed. Our HiTech Cruising-line is suitable for boats from 30 to 60 feet; however, the seas you sail are even a more important factor. Our HiTech Cruising-line is perfect for extended cruises at open seas and for those who appreciate reliability and safety. Invest in quality today and you will save in expenses tomorrow.