Racing sails for that extra 0.1 knot

WB Racing line is aimed for the club racer, but also for a cruiser who wants best performance and durability. It features laminate sails, often cut in the Contender MAXX-fabric, with its typical horizontal layout. We also use more traditional, warp oriented laminates.

WB HighTech Racing line is the pinnacle of our knowledge of aerodynamics, materials and technical construction. We build them of selected Kevlar and Mylar cloths using StressCut panel layout with titanium rings and hardware whenever permitted by the class rules.

WB OD sails have benefited of all the research & development work we have done during the last two decades. Flow simulation, CFD, finite element analysis, motion detection - been there, done that. No other one design sails in the world have the same amount of technology behind them.

racing sails WB