WB-Sails for winning boatspeed

WB-Sails is an independent Finnish sailmaker specialised in racing sails for both keelboats and dinghies. For the discerning cruising sailor, we are happy to offer all the know how we have accumulated on the Olympic racing courses – only in a more cruising oriented package.

All our sails are sewn in Helsinki, Finland by our 15 strong staff. Each one of our in-house experts have a vast first hand experience on what it's like to be (and excel) on the race course and how the requirements change when you are cruising.

Founded in 1975, the history of WB-Sails entails many industry firsts and above all, great memories. We intend keep pushing the envelope when it comes to sail design... So that you can sail faster and further!

You are welcome to visit us at Lauttasaari

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